Working in customer service

I work in Customer Service (we call it Membership Service) at Costco. I think we may have it worst of all.

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Jazz. #homegrown #Newark

Main Street. #delaware

This asshole. Lmfao


OMG! I’ve never thought about that, but it’s so true!

All I can say to this is to read the series bible. You will be SOOOO much happier with that than what they showed. If they’d stuck with that instead of ruining her character with that back story (really, most of 4.5 sucks, let’s be honest), it would have been GRAND. Also, they kept with the series bible back story up until that episode. When the whole Emily Kowalski thing went on, it still went with the original plan. SO…I’m just saying.

When I write fanfic, I ALWAYS use her original Series Bible back story. Here’s a quick summary from the BSG wiki…

Laura Roslin was born in the bustling urban environment of Caprica City. Both her parents, Judith and Edward, were teachers in the public school system and her two older sisters also went into teaching.
Tragically at the age of fifteen, both her sisters and her father were killed by a drunk driver. Her mother never recovered from the shock and Laura would spend the next twenty years caring for her mother. Laura then went into teaching and soon established herself in one of the large public schools in the city.Her success was acknowledged and she earned a Teacher of the Year award. In doing so, she came to the attention of Richard Adar, Mayor of Caprica City, who wanted her to help him run for Governor. Despite having no political experience, Adar persuaded her to join.Laura entered the harsh world of politics. Caprica City was crime-ridden and its public schools were a disaster. Adar and Laura brought the city back to its full potential.Uncomfortable with the spotlight, Laura let others take the credit for her work. But the Mayor knew what she had accomplished, and he never forgot.Her personal life was solitary; she remained a quiet, efficient public servant who ran her department fairly. This won her admiration across the political spectrum.
Laura wanted to return to teaching but her loyalties to Adar would find herself fulfilling her political role. Her desire for a quiet life changed when she came under scrutiny and was accused of corruption in the Seacade District Scandal. Adar stood by her and eventually the scandal subsided.

So, knowing that, and what was said during the events of Faith, it makes her life all the more tragic and interesting. They should have used the Seacade District Scandal as her flashback story and had her tell Adar about her family life. It would have been WAAAAAAY better. Instead we got…THAT.

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I don’t think that I’m a hugging person now.
I’m not sure you get a vote.

He’s like her dad now and I kind of LOVE it as opposed to the whole flirty Eleven. Srsly. I am over the moon.

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The Twelfth Doctor, ladies and gentlemen.



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I do enjoy that Donna, Martha, and Rose were on the Doctor’s show, but Sarah Jane was on her home turf, Sarah Jane Adventures. Also, her’s was the last time she saw his Tenth incarnation, but not the last time she saw him and she’s the only one on this list who can say that.

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Adele at the mtv VMAs

Miss you, bae!

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