The Easter bunny is now at the bar. Not really, but this is delicious. Someone turns 80 tomorrow…and it isn’t me. Happy birthday, my dear dear friend. @simplyshash_

The K-9 & Company commentary track is worth it’s weight in gold. #doctorwho #sarahjanesmith #k9andcompany

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Wait, are you doing your actual job? I think that’s the first (and the last) time we ever see that. #SarahJaneSmith #doctorwho #k9andcompany

Lyfe. Shash and Era style.

Am I a muppet? Obviously.

Classic Who // SJA Parallels Part 6

30-some odd years later and still the same expression…and hardly looking any different.

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Kid though. Wtaf. @mississippimaya


i can’t tell where tom baker ends and the 4th doctor begins. love it.

Tom though. I can never get enough of this man’s ridiculousness.

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